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TripAdvisor claims to be the largest travel community as is quoted quite widely on travel websites and carrys credence because of the sheer volume of people, millions, who provide those reviews across the range of travel services.
Recently, they have announced the results of their travellers’ choice awards (the seventh year of this award) and, as I have mentioned before in this blog, you do wonder how the decision is arrived at to make awards TripAdvisor claims to be the largest travel community. Their reviews of what people think are published so, below, are the words of TripAdvisor themselves, taken from their website.

“The TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice award winners for 2009 were determined by a combination of TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index and traveller ratings of specific property attributes. TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index is a proprietary algorithm that determines traveller satisfaction based on a variety of sources, including TripAdvisor hotel reviews and travel articles and opinions from across the web. The hotel review process on TripAdvisor also allows travellers to “grade” hotels based on a variety of attributes, including cleanliness, value and suitability for specific types of travellers”

It looks as though this is wider than their own reviews so I looked at the reviews for a hotel in Llandudno, the Cae-y-Bae which won UK Best Bargain and was 6th in the Best Service in Europe category 8th in the Hidden Gems in Europe category. There were 72 reviews on TripAdvisor, all complementary and the majority were from 2008 so the reviews are as recent as you could expect. Even if TripAdvisor relied on this, Cae-y-Bae does well, and even better in not having one disgruntled guest.
Some would say that 72 reviews is a small number and it is but is there anything better? And the answer is no so, at least in this case, and unlike some of the awards that are around, the advice from previous guests is worth listening to.

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