British Holidays & the Snow

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This morning it has been announced that Pontins will be hiring about 2000 staff for their six sites in the UK as they refurbish/rebuild them due to increased sales.
Most of the domestic tour operators such as Hoseasons, Center Parcs, Butlins & John Fowler have been saying that this year should be a good year for those taking breaks in the UK and this announcement seems to reveal confidence in the UK holiday market for this year.
For many people “holidays” may have started. The snowfall in the south east (my garden has had a foot or 31 cms lying on it) has encouraged people to have day outs by tobogganing in the parks and the hills round here. With the schools closed for the second day in a row, some kids have been out getting healthy exercise. Maybe closing schools in this weather is a good thing since people seem to have been friendlier as we have all been in the same situation and they having been having fun and thus, felt better overall.
I’m not sure that isn’t a good thing given the doom and gloom in the media

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