How much of a traveller are you?

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Anyone who has been to Stanfords in London or Bristol and seen the miles of books and maps that they sell can be overawed by the number. (Incidentally, Stanfords will give you back £5 voucher if you spend £25 with them but the offer ends at the end of January. See for details)
Most are useful, some specialise on activities, some are pocket sized and some,too bulky to fit in anything but a suitcase. There are maps for seemingly everywhere. With so many countries and places to go to I began to have one of those awful moments you sometimes get. Mine was about just how many places I had visited in the world. So many out there and I think I have only been to 27,- and that includes Wales and Scotland.
With over half my life gone, there are over 150 countries I’ve not been to and, to stand a fighting chance of seeing them in the next 30 years or so, I am going to have to visit about 5 a year. And that doesn’t include the Antarctic and the Moon if Richard Branson’s dreams ever come true. So patently, it isn’t going to happen and I’m going to have to lower my expectations. But it’s worse than that because there are places on my own doorsetp that I haven’t been to. I have never been to St Paul’s Cathedral or Slimbridge but I’ve been to Notre Dame in Paris and some wetlands in Australia. I’ve never seen the northernmost parts of Scotland or the Hebrides yet I’ve seen islands in the Puget Sound on the US/Canadian border. I’ve seen townships in the ouback of Australia hundreds of miles from anywhere but I’ve never been to the Lake District or Exmoor
So this year, I will see more of the UK whilst my wallet dictates and try to get to the Lleyn Peninsular and the Orkneys & the Shetlands and then maybe next year I’ll see more of the world.
And you?
What will you do this year?

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