Blue Monday & the Good News

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Today is, apparently, Blue Monday, the day of the year when we are the most depressed. It coincides with credit card bills coming in after the Christmas extravagances and a combination of long, dark nights and lousy weather. And its dark here still, and raining and windy and I did get a credit card bill in the post today. But I’m not feeling depressed.
No I am thinking that after listening to countless hundreds of times of “In the unlikely event that we land on water” I realise although, mundane, although boring, it is important to listen and remember. And why? Because of the events on the Hudson River in New York on Friday.
Some people are saying that the pilot only did his job, as did the crew and the emergency services and to an extent that’s right. But none of us know how we really would react until the time comes when you have to.
After US Airways airbus flight 1549, there was just 3 minutes before it landed on the river. In that time, there was less than 90 seconds to decide what to do. And when the decision was made, the pilot, Chesley B Sullenberger,(Sully) decided that landing on the river was preferable to gliding over a densely populated area. To land on water is, I am told, easy. To land with the wings level so you pancake and don’t immediately break up is much more difficult and Sully did it. He is quoted as having said to investigators that he brought the plane down close to a boat in line with standard precedures
One passenger, Jeff Koldjay, say that water didn’t even enter the plane until the exit doors were opened.
3 ferries almost immediately headed to the plane on what was the coldest day of the year so far and with the water temperatures only at 6 or 7 degrees celsius and began picking up passengers. No lives were lost and no-one was even seriously injured. Did the plane stay afloat for so long and stay intact because it was well engineered? Was the flying of the pilot responsible that non-one was injured? Was the action of the crew and passengers in getting out in what was described as orderly chaos or was it due to the quick thinking ferry captains and emergency services?
Probably all contributed a bit after Sully made his eventful decision to land on water and glided it down so gracefully.
Let them all enjoy their deserved limelight.
And the good news? That standard procedures worked and that gives me more faith that all the repeated information is worth listening to. Time and time again.

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