Happy New Year

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A new year starts and probably everybody wishes it was a great deal better than the last one, me included.
As holidaymakers, we face an interesting year where the pound has devalued against a lot of currencies. The euro is probably the most important currency to us since it is in countries who use the euro that we holiday.
And, as of today, another country has joined the euro. Slovakia has replaced the crown with the euro but both are interchangeable up until the 16th of January. So if you have any Slovakian crowns you haven’t got a lot of time to swap them.
As I have mentioned before in this blog, holidays in euro currency countries will probably drop as holidaymakers seek better deals but there are some countries who are not using the euro. The list includes Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland and North Cyprus. Some however, have relationships where the currencies are almost pegged against a range like Bulgaria so the rates may not be as good as you might expect.
It may be that we holidaymakers will decide still to go to Europe on the basis that we can trade down slightly and still get a holiday that we already know will deliver what we want. The holiday companies are certainly pushing their offers on the television and in the newspapers, much more than the tourist authorities but so far interest seems muted. Maybe this weekend will see the push.
Whatever you decide, all of us at CD-Traveller wish you a happy new year and good hunting for that holiday you want

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