On the ground in Kuala Lumpur

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A few days in the capital city of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (KL) convinced us that all one hears is true. It’s a must for anyone who has a chance of a stopover, or short stay. The KLIA Express high speed train takes only 28 minutes from the Airport. The wonderful and constantly reproduced 1482 ft. Petronas Twin Towers gleam all day and blaze all night, above what is probably the World’s best shopping.

For example there’s an entire shopping centre devoted to electronic goods. Genuine world famous brands are amazing value – and one can bargain for “facsimiles” with the sweeties’ budget of a tiny tot.

The food in KL is good and very good value. It’s available more or less continuously from street level and street corner to the revolving restaurant on top of the 1380 ft. KL Tower, the one in brochures that looks like a Minaret without a twin. They have an excellent buffet – we enjoyed everything we ate. But we had small tastes of quite a few things – and I do strongly suggest you try a little portion of this and that on a first visit to the Malaysian buffets – and load up your plate. I enjoyed the lamb curry at breakfast – reminded of Nigel Slater’s Parsee Eggs.

But hold on – don’t we all want a bit of a breather on a long haul stopover, before the next very long journey? Some fresh, non-conditioned, air and away from lots of people, a little direct sunshine and something verdant ? Look up Green Health Benefits on Google and you get a long read.

KL has some very pleasant green havens. The star to us was the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve it’s a mini rain forest, right in KL established in 1906, with “flying” flying foxes and 200ft protected Jelutong trees (pictured) . Enter the Forest Reserve from the KL Tower and walk down hill from there. Nearby are the KL Lake Gardens, the Orchid Gardens and the World’s “biggest covered bird park”. Refreshments and taxis, at £2 GPB max. per mile are never far away – but do try the new Hop on Hop Off round robin bus service only £7 GBP all day from 0830 hrs to 2030 hrs.

Finally “long haulers” what can be better than a free hotel free pool, open air and rooftop Hotel pool like the Berjaya (picture). Pools in KL are surprisingly uncrowded with so much shopping going on.

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Kuala Lumpur has the most diverse offering of foods from all over the world. Indulge in gourmet fusion cuisine created by talented chefs in designer restaurants, or sample an endless amount of goodies found practically bursting out of malls, store fronts and side-street hawker stalls. Notable restaurants, include the Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant, Saloma Bistro and Old China (Central Market). For an extensive list of restaurants in KL, please visit www.kualalumpur.gov.my

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