Cheap Lodgings in Switzerland?

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There is an odd little story in today’s copy of “Metro.” Apologies if you already have read it.
In Switzerland, it appears, there is an alternative to high price holidays and hotel rooms. “Metro” reports that you can stay inside a nuclear bunker for just £6 if you sleep in a bunk or £17 for the expensive luxury room. The “hotel” is called Null Stern, meaning no stars. (Too close to null points at the Eurovision Song Contest and just as unappealing it seems)
At this price you ask yourself where the drawbacks are is and yes, there are at least two. Firstly no heating so they give you a hot water bottle. Secondly the noise from the air conditioning unit (remember this is a nuclear bunker so it is well sealed beneath the ground) is a little loud so they give you ear plugs.
Run by the Riklin twins, they are quoted saying that this “hotel” is the antithesis of the seven star hotel in Dubai. Now in the event of a nuclear attack, guests must evacuate the bunker so that it can be used by local officials.
The one place you might want to be in a nuclear attack and they turf you out to take your own chances. Me I’d barricade myself in and the officials can find their own hole in the ground!

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