Is British Food British?

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Collecting someone from terminal 3 at Heathrow over the weekend, I misjudged the traffic and arrived early. To pass the time I thought I’d have a snack so went over to the departures part of terminal 3 where there is a better choice of outlets.
Attached to one of the pillars was a sign saying ” British Pub Classics. Hot Roast Sandwiches and a Hearty Mug of Soup. Only £7.95.” Mug of Soup? When have we have ever had mugs? We have bowls of soup. Americans have mugs. And as for Hot Roast Sandwiches, well you can get a steak sandwich in a pub but a hot beef, lamb or pork sandwich, no. You could get a cold salad or a Sunday roast (which would be hot) but a hot roast sandwich?
Some bright spark has decided that to appeal to Americans you offer them what they might be used to and then call it a British Pub Classic. I know tourists like to have food similar to home but do our countries really not have any more British to offer than a thinly disguised American menu? If we don’t, then they might at least be honest and change the sign to read “Get food like you get back home. American food just like your Mom makes”
And the rest of us can have a good old fashioned British breakfast instead. If some restaurant there would like to supply it!

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