Travelling to the US soon?

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Anyone travelling to the US in the next two months should be aware that there are two different I-94 forms in existence and you need to complete the “right” one.
The I-94 form is a green form that all UK and Irish citizens (and all EU non visa holders) who do not have a visa need to complete before you meet the immigration people. Without it you can’t gain admission. Usually you get given the form when you check-in but all flights carry a stock of the forms and it seem that some of those issued to airlines are the new forms. If you are issued with the new form, you will be sent back to collect a “right” form to complete. That often means you are at the back of the queue again which can add up to an extra 30-45 minutes.
So how can you tell one from the other?
If the form asks you for an e-mail address, the telephone number of where you are staying and where the visa was issued and when then you have been given the wrong form. You should ask for another form or pick one up when you get to the immigration hall.

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