How Important is Tourism?

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With the World Travel Market now over for another year, residents can get back to normal for a while. The buses, the DLR and the restaurants will be returned to them. And they will probably enjoy it. But tourism is an integral way of life for the economies both local and national throughout the world.
If you think of Stratford-upon-Avon, Land’s End, Blackpool, the Brecon Beacons and a host of other places, tourism is their lifeblood. they rely on you and I to visit and sepend money. But how important is it to Britain?
According to a new study from Deloittes commissioned by Visit Britain and the Tourism Alliance, the visitor economy is worth £114 billion to the UK. Make life too difficult for tourists and they stay away. It still came as a bit of surprise though when Barbara Follett, the minister responsible for tourism said that half of the shrinkage of the British economy in the third quarter of this year was due entirely to the downturn in the hospitality and tourism sector. That is of huge significance. One industry has had such a significant impact. You might have thought that the banking and financial sevices sector might have had such an effect. But no, tourism and hospitality has been the single most industry to have affected our economy in that period.
When you see a minister put it like that you realise just how important tourism is to us all.

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