A New Home for the Maldives?

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The Guardian ran a story yesterday that was widely picked up by press around the world.
Although there seems no confirmation on the website of the new president, Mohammed Nasheen, The Guardian says that because of climate change, the islanders will start looking for land elsewhere that they can move to if climate change causes their islands to be flooded.
Most of the 1200 plus islands ( about 570 miles south of India) that make up the Maldives are only about 4 and a half feet (1.5 metres) above sea level so are very susceptable to water levels.
It appears that Nasheen favours India or Sri Lanka as potential new homes because the culture, climate and foods are similar but, apparantly, Australia is also on the list.
We are getting used to countries buying up companies, football clubs and the like but not huge tracks of land for resettlement. Given their reliance on the sea, fishing, golden sands and fine sunny weather, and considering what the weather has been like in the U.K. of late, I can’t see Nasheen rushing to bolster our housing market by buying over here!

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