Taking Books on Holiday

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I’m quite fond of books. True, I buy more than I read but my excuse is that I save them up to take with me when I go on holiday. In a week I can go through 3 or 4 and there is something appealing about sitting in the sun with a book in one hand and a drink in the other, the only disturbance being a look around to watch the world go by.
There’s something about books; the smell, the feel and the yellower the pages the better. And they pack quite well since airlines exclude books from the baggage weights. You are allowed to take reading matter with you and some people read more than others; who is to say that a dozen books for a 7 day trip is too much. I admit hardbacks take up more room than paperbacks but even some of the “special” airport books have grown to the size, if not the weight of airport books.
So I am a bit put out that that someone has suggested that I don’t need to read books on holiday, I can just buy a Kindle, a Reader or an iLiad (someone has read a book at least to come up with the name).
Because they are portable, ( so’s a book), easy to carry around (so’s a book) and you can fit hundreds of books onto one machine (that’s a harder argument to demolish) But one of these gadgets (even if they were widely available in the UK) costs the equivalent of about £175 and each book that you download costs between £1.99 and a tenner. So I don’t breakeven until about 40 books. And what’s to say the books I want to read are available to download?. And can I use this gadget on a plane or will the electronics send the plane –and me- spiralling to my doom?
With books someone can lean over and ask whether it’s a good read and interesting conversations take place about their children, their jobs or their illnesses…
Actually, I think I’ve just talked myself into buying a gadget!

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