Books, Hotel Rooms & A Great Idea

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Books fulfil a real need to the traveller and holidaymaker. Easy to carry, they occupy some of the boring bits of the journey and, when you get to your destination be it a hotel room, a campsite or your own home, they join the pile for re-reading or passing to a charity shop.
Some hotels, in days gone by, had reading or writing rooms where you could borrow books and settle down in a comfy armchair. Now, in most hotel rooms you get a Gideon Bible and perhaps something about the chain (if it is one) or the place in which you’re staying and that’s it.
Not so Eurostars Hotels.
They sponsor the rather difficult to say Eurostars Hotels Travel Narrative Award. That means that the winning title is distributed free of charge in all of their hotel rooms. With 51 hotels that means well over 4000 copies of the winning title and that presumes that they aren’t taken by guests and replaced. That print run is higher than some hardback novels get.
It’s a great idea giving hotel guests something to read;- something which they can’t get in the shops until later and something that supports travel writing.
Out of more than 30 entrants, this year’s winner is Temoris Grecko who wrote “The Colors of Africa: A Chronicle of an Encounter with the People of South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.” As it’s name suggests, its about his journey through those countries and the contrasting religions, ethnic differences, lifestyles and regimes.
So to Eurostars Hotels, I offer applause for a simple idea but which makes a hotel guest appreciate a little something extra.

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