the Monopoly of the National Trust

By | Category: Travel rumblings

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the National Trust is a “good thing” Maybe it was but I am not sure anymore.
Showing a visitor around, I was going to take them to see some of the views from the highest points. It happened the land was owned by the National Trust and although I wanted to park there for 20 minutes to show her the view I had to pay £3. That was the price whether I parked for 5 minutes or 23 hours. It’s almost worse than parking charges at your local hospital
And when I got to the next spot it was another £3. Given the state of the carpark I hope my £6 has gone towards flattening the rubble into something resembling a flat surface rather than an obstacle course. If I had paid less, I wouldn’t have minded rubble.
The idea of the founders was that we could share the sights and history of the UK. Sharing is getting expensive. How many people drive on and don’t savour the sights merely because of these exhorbitant charges?
How about letting me buy a daily ticket that I can use wherever on that day. Or letting me buy hour by hour?

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