Ryanair & Jonathan Ross

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When you see a press report about Ryanair, it usually makes good reading. Their Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, is not known for bland language; some is more colourful than Gordon Ramsay’s so the announcement of his third quarter accounts is uasually not as boring as some that travel companies issue. Ryanair calls for the removal of Harry Bush, “the hopeless CAA regulator” who rubber stamped the crazy plan to build a second terminal at Stasted which Ryanair calls a “gold plated Taj Mahal.”

They claim he “stood idly by” whilst security and passport queues grew and passenger charges doubled. They are quite restrained about the introduction of a €10 air travel tax by the Irish government just calling it “inequitable”.

And last week they offered to save Jonathan Ross. Yes, they went and issued a press release saying they were willing to rescue him, (I didn’t know he needed rescuing). Claiming that Ross was sent to Coventry by the BBC, Ryanair suggested “Ryanaid” and said they would send him some tickets for the flights so that he could see “how the other half, who doesn’t earn £18 million a year lives” .

Given that the statement was a teensie weensie bit inaccurate you have to hand it to them for audacity in linking their fare sale to Ross’s actions over the last week or so.The previous week they had criticised Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) over charges suggested for rental space for check-in kiosks at Dublin Airport. O’Leary referred to the Irish airport regulator as “useless” and said that the DAA will continue to “abuse its powersI must look at their press releases and have a good laugh more often!”

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