Choochi & the Flight Delay

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Later today we will upload the first results of our flight delay survey that we did with University of Westminster earlier this month. We had quite a list of reasons as to why flights are delayed. But not like this one which was reported in the Boston Globe in the United States.
Choochy, a poodle arrived at Logan International Airport in Boston on Saturday night. And escaped. For the next 17 hours she led her captors a merry dance and managed to delay 8 flights as she played hide and seek on the tarmac.
One flyer who posted a comment on the Boston Globe website ( said that his pilot announced that their plane didn’t have clearance to land because of a dog on the runway. Other passengers might have wondered what the pilot had been drinking!
After the newspaper published the story, 27 people posted comments on this story ranging from shooting it to the serious implications of a security lapse. It seems its not only the Brits who love dogs. One comment was that they would prefer a dog next to them rather than “snotty-nosed whining little kid” and another was from a person who had waited 20 minutes while a VIP came and as a result missed a connecting flight. But the person would rather have waited 20 minutes for a dog. And presumably still missed the connecting flight.
So life isn’t all doom and gloom. Choochy survived and was taken home by his owners.
So apart from the normal reasons for delays, what is the strangest one you have heard?

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