Its Half Term: Weather, Travel & A National Day

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In my part of the world at least its half term. So as you’d expect the weather has taken a wintry turn and rain has come though not as bad as elsewhere frost and wintry showers are expected for the middle of the week, not just on the stock exchange!
Half term is the only break between summer and Christmas, the longest period without a public holiday in the year and a dispiriting time with dank and dismal weather. So the announcement last week in a written answer by Michael Wills, the Minister of State for Justice, that there are no plans to introduce a national day ( as suggested by Gordon Brown some time ago) is disappointing. Although the kids get a week off, adults have to get through close on 4 months without a break unless they book holiday. One of the proposed days was Trafalgar Day, 21st of October and that was the day the Minister gave his answer! Having a public holiday during half term would give parents the opportunity to take the kids somewhere for the day without having to take time off an break the 4 month winter dreariness. And it would give a boost to attractions and resorts in the UK.
But if there were a public holiday, people need to get to their destinations, the two most popular being by car or train. Last week the government was criticised by Dr Iain Docherty of the University of Glasgow (one of the editors of a book entitled Traffic Jam: 10 Years of ‘Sustainable’ Transport in the UK) who is quoted by the BBC as saying that the govenment has “got cold feet…when it could have done something” The book says that traffic congestion is worse and investment in railways has been almost completely ignored.
Tell us about it.
So enjoy half term; well the kids might. As for the rest of us…

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