Hand Baggage & Airline Overhead Bins

By | Category: Travel rumblings

With prices being charged for hold baggage on non frills airlines, is it any wonder that people are trying to take on as much hand luggage as they can get away with. Some people seem to be able to travel light and others are taking bags that only Superman could try and get in the overhead bins.

Although Ryanair limit you to 10kgs for hand baggage, I didn’t see this enforced when I flew with them this week. Mind you the plane was fairly empty out and back so there was probably no urgency to enforce it. With others such as easy-jet they don’t mind how much you can take as long as you can carry it.

It means though that space is on a first-come-first served basis. The rest of us who object to paying a tenner or whatever to getting on first have to fit it under the seat or squeeze it in.

In some planes, on one side of the aisle, they have extended the size of the overhead bins to get wheely suitcases side- by-side. Surely the next move is to continue that on the other side and then look at other ways of getting baggage space. After all the more the airlines can get us to carry on board, the less they have to pay ground handlers, the less likely baggage will get lost and the less time we will spent at baggage reclaim.

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