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Adrian spends sooo much time at the airports, however, being male, and I assume a sparse packer, I very much doubt he has experienced the issues females travelling alone have with the toilets at airports.

We are constantly reminded that we are not to leave our luggage alone at any time, so off we pop to the toilets, with hand luggage and 21KG suitcase in tow….

HOWEVER, once there, unless you are a size zero (which i am most definitely NOT!) one has to allow a good 20 minutes to use the toilets. You see, the cubicles that house the toilets are sooooo small, it becomes a task of complicated logic and logistics to negotiate both oneself and ones luggage into the cubicle, leaving some space for the toilet to actually be used.

Almost always travel alone, and thus I have this negotiation down to a fine art:

1) open door to cubicle and lower the toilet seat
2) place hand luggage to the right of the toilet, and suitcase ON THE SEAT (remember not to knock over the bin, which is usually to the left of the toilet!)
3) Enter cubicle, close door, & place suitcase in front of the door.

Repeat in reverse when you are finished!

Why, oh WHY do they not have larger cubicles made available for those who travel alone!?!?!

The only exception which I have come across is at Hamburg airport, where you have a double (adjoining) cubicle with toilet and basin.

Once again, Germans and their efficiency!

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