An airport to like

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This is the last blog from this trip and it comes from West Palm Beach international Airport in Florida where I am waiting to catch a connecting flight home.
There is something wrong.

It could be me. I like this airport. Firstly it’s quite small so moving around is easy. Secondly, its not teeming with people. But it has some big benefits. it has comfortable chairs. Armchairs. Wicker armchairs with big cushions for you to sit in and doze. (Some people are and its easy to see why. They are calming unlike most airports I’ve been though where you get plastic or simulated leather ones which end up with your clothes sticking to you.And not just one armchair but loads of them. There are some opposite where you check-in and even more when you go onto the concourses to go through security.

There are carpets on the floor. Not everywhere but over a lot of it. The rest are quarry tiles.There is also a little golf putting area. Not hidden away but right in the main area next to the lounging area from where I am writing this. And sending it because they have wifi and its free and working.

All in all, I have to say this is what airports should be like. Relaxing, pleasant and functional. Oh well in another 15 hours I’m back at Heathrow. what a difference!

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