Don’t forget your own patch

By | Category: Travel rumblings

I write this as I sit in a hotel room before I go and look at the sights of the “strip” in Las Vegas.

It dawned on me as I was writing a brief piece about Las Vegas for CD-Traveller that I knew more about some far flung places than my own village. How many Londoners have never been in the Tower of London or people from Cardiff or Edinburgh been in the castles? I was once in Chicago travelling and was asked for directions. No problems!

In my village I couldn’t even tell you which shops were in the high street or give you directions to more than a few places. And yet we have 3 national trust properties within a few miles and I haven’t been in any. I haven’t been in the small museum in the closest town and I go the shops (if forced) once every few months. Everything else I buy online.

So a little note to myself. Before I start gallivanting too much I will see more of my own little patch of England and see what I am missing. Now doesn’t that sound like a New Year resolution? And we all know what happens to those!

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