Cut the cost of calling home while abroad.

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Update: 6 July 2011: Three years on from when this story was written, roaming charges in the EU will again decline from next summer.
Beware though it is still very expensive compared to the UK to use time to download pictures, videos or use the internet. Texting is still the cheapest method of contact if you can do it. Data roaming bills were limited to €50 a month on 1 July 2010. From July 2012 prices will drop for calls made from phones across Europe to €0.32 a minute; €0.28 from July 2013 and €0.24 from July 2014. At the time of writing €1=about 88p.
At present calls from one mobile to another within the EU are capped at 31p per minute regardless of which supplier you use

Cut the cost of calling home this summer. Roaming charges do tend to boil the blood! Cool down with these tips on saving pennies when using your mobile overseas.
From the 1st of July this year, all mobile networks in Europe were required to lower the cost of text roaming charges. This is great news for mobile users and could not have come at a better time, as British holidaymakers head off in their droves to warmer climes.
Using your mobile on holiday is more expensive because you’re technically being charged by two networks; at home and abroad. Simply switching on your handset and merrily making calls without any prior research is a recipe for impending financial disaster
It’s cheaper to text abroad than it is to call, so unless you absolutely have to call someone, send a message instead
Receiving texts is free; receiving incoming calls is a different matter. You are charged for the International part of the call. Ask friends and family to text rather than ring.
Pay as you go customers should be aware of charges and levels of international coverage especially when flying long haul or outside the EU. You may not necessarily be able to roam anywhere in the world and you could pay a higher tariff than contract customers when a service is available.
If you’re approaching the end of your contract, it’s always worth giving your current provider a call to see if they will offer you a better deal, one that perhaps includes cheaper rates for calls made abroad.
Many mobile phone providers offer special discounted packages or bundles (either free or paid for) which can cut the cost of calling and texting abroad by half.
As the majority of roaming charges occur when you receive a call or text from someone in the UK it’s also worth considering buying an international SIM card to put in your phone, as these allow you to receive both calls and texts from the UK for free.

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