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Tui throws down the gauntlet


Tui is offering COVID tests at prices that are much lower than figures that are normally quoted.

Don’t go abroad

Algarve -beach vista

They are recommending that the government should “maintain restrictions on overseas holidays” after May 17th

No contact with the UK


Are politicians behaving like spoilt children in not wanting to talk? Are they waiting for each other to blink first?

Ryanair told to pay up

Ryanair plane ascending

The High Court on the UK today announced that due to a strike by staff at Ryanair in 2018, the airline must compensate passengers who were affected.

Jabs and governments are causing travel confusion


This is all the travel industry needs – more uncertainty and confusion about possible restrictions for holidaymakers and travellers.

How overseas travel might re-open


The good news for those wanting to travel to Malta as soon as possible is that you will only need to show your vaccination card

Holiday bookings rise

Gwithian Beach in Cornwall

Travel Counsellors conclude that consumers remain confident that summer holidays both overseas and at home are on the cards

Cruising can restart in US waters


From mid-July, ocean cruising can re-start from US waters.

Credit note protection


It means that holidaymakers and travellers whose package holiday bookings are cancelled by a tour operator or supplier you will be able to safely accept a RFN where it is suitable for them to do

Formentera – the overlooked island


There should be plenty of beach space, tables at the restaurants and cafes without having to get there early

On the water in Southampton


Thought to be the largest working steamship in the UK, a trip on the Southampton based SS Shieldhall will confer on passengers a rather unusual claim.

The “open-air city”


Chester has decided to style itself as an “open-air city” now that people can move around a little more freely.

Discounted Malta holidays


Malta plans to give foreign visitors a gift of up to € 200 euros each if they stay at least three days on Malta or Gozo this summer.

Staycation demand is high


It certainly looks like the travel industry will only know if it will have a better year at the very last minute

Holiday and travel scams.


Most readers will be aware of a range of holiday scams that have existed over the years and you can bet that many are still around.

Airport passenger queues

an airport queue at Gatwick

Reports of six hour queues will do nothing to put confidence into people who are still unsure about whether it is worth travelling abroad after May 17th.

We are confusing airlines


Airlines are now finding they don’t know as much about us as they would like and that has made them confused.