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Airline Passengers at the Centre of Thinking

Jun 12th, 2010 | By

Last Wednesday saw the opening of a new terminal at Bournemouth Airport. It cost £45 million and was planned when airport growth was expected to grow to 3 million passengers by 2015. The recession has put paid to such growth, or at least, so far. Many passengers have already passed through the hall since it has been open since March. It’s just the official opening was two months later! Now the owners, Manchester Airport Group (owners of Manchester, East Midlands and Humberside as well) are turning their attention to arrivals hall which has seen better days. That will be refurbished by summer 2011.
This opening has coincided with a speech on the state of the air transport industry by the director-general, Giovanni Bisignani, of IATA (International Air Transport Association) the airline membership body. Yes, I could tell you how the industry is back to about 80% of its pre recession levels and that the volcanic eruption has cost airlines $1.8 billion but that even after all this they estimate that airlines will make about $1.9 billion profit this year.
No let’s discuss passengers because we sometimes get overlooked in the push for profits and making life easier for airlines.