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$A450,000 for Sydney to London

Apr 22nd, 2010 | By

Now that airspace is open again, the great return home begins. With a cruise ship in Bilbao, the Navy mixing returning troops from Afghanistan with holidaymakers and ferries, Eurostar and hire cars doing exceptional business, there are stories about how much people are spending.
According to today’s Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, some people are looking to hire a jet for $A450,000 (say £270,000) to fly home from Australia to the UK. Except as you read the story, the truth is that enquiries have been made but the company can’t point to any firm orders. It looks like a good headline to capture people’s attention so maybe that is all it is.
But some people have spent hundreds if not thousands on trying to return to their homes.

Compensation for the Weather

Dec 23rd, 2009 | By

The last week has brought enough disruption to travellers that makes some people wonder whether the effort is worthwhile. Holidaymakers planning to get away for Christmas have been hit by the troubles at Eurostar as well as by the impact of the snow. This time the snow has been widespread with airports like Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and Aberdeen being closed for a time as well as overseas airports such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. Snow has been recorded in Corsica and Venice, Madrid and the beach at San Sebastian. You have probably seen pictures of how bad it was in the north east of the United States.
So with so much disruption can you make a claim?