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Swansea by the Bay

Jun 21st, 2010 | By

The ruined castle in Swansea is overshadowed by a large metal clad skyscraper. Next to the castle is a vacant building plot surrounded by fencing and written on that it says 260 shops, 90 places to eat, 30 hair and beauty salons and 45 pubs and clubs.
Do not be put off by this.
Swansea has much more to offer the day tripper, the weekend visitor or anyone who spends a week there. Sometimes it seems Swansea is the place you pass through to get to the beautiful Gower. But linger and have a look at a city that has transformed itself over the last 20 years. It still has a shop called The Sheep Shop, its museum is still in an old Victorian building (more of that later) but so much else has changed.