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Saturday snippets: 11th October 2014

Oct 11th, 2014 | By
sea Life in Hunstanton

This week, Adrian largely follows stories from the home nations as he recovers from the Oktoberfest.

Paul: An Instant Tourist Attraction for Middlesbrough

Jul 15th, 2010 | By

Some destinations toil for years building leisure parks, attractions or restoring crumbling piles so that they can attract visitors. Paul has proved there’s another way. Just pick the winners of the matches Germany has played in and then the final of the World Cup.
Paul is, of course, the octopus that has achieved his fifteen minutes of international fame by creating an astonishing record that gamblers would envy. As you will remember, Paul had two cubes each emblazoned with the flag of the playing country. He chose one- and the one he chose just happened to win. 8 times in a row. (Apparently a £10 bet would have given a return of £3,000 if you had rolled the winnings on). But Paul is now a bigger winner. At least for Sea Life in Oberhausen and Oberhausen itself.