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Loyalty & the Train Traveller

Apr 27th, 2010 | By

In the travel press there are always stories about loyalty. There are loyalty cards for airlines, hotels, car hire companies which the average person probably doesn’t bother with. The loyalty cards that mean most to us are those that come from Tesco, Sainsbury and Boots because those are places that we use a lot. There isn’t anything from tour operators, surprisingly, because we may only use them once or twice a year. No, the National Trust membership or something like that has more appeal.
But what about trains?
We use them for getting to work, days out, weekends away and even for getting to summer holiday destinations. Eurostar operates a loyalty scheme but what of mainline domestic railway companies? Apart from youth passes, over 55 tickets at slack times of the year and senior passes that just reward age, is there anything else?
Meet “Escape” from East Coast railways, described as the exclusive rewards programme for their customers that travel the most.

Train Price Rises Cloud the Issue

Jan 3rd, 2010 | By

January traditionally sees increases in the price we pay to go by rail, and in London, by bus and tube as well. This year’s rail price rises are not as great as in previous years because of the government formula (based on inflation) used. But this only applies to regulated fares. Unregulated ones, which include off peak fares, can be raised by what the train operators wish so increases of up to 6% are to be found.

Apparently, train fares in the UK are the most expensive in Europe.