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Holidaying in Kent

Feb 3rd, 2021 | By

Tourist officials in Kent are going to hate Matt’s cartoon in the Telegraph this morning.

Who’d work for an airline?

Mar 13th, 2020 | By
tal fins of British Airways planes

Matt’s cartoon on the front page of today’s Telegraph, as one might expect of a master of comic commentary, juxtaposes the current coronavirus crisis with the other crisis of our times – climate change.

Je suis Charlie

Jan 10th, 2015 | By

I can’t draw so all I can do is express my personal solidarity and my sympathy for the victims in France, And to holiday in Paris to show that I will not be driven away by the tactics of the ignorant, the stupid and the unfeeling.

Cartoon Travel and Tourism

Dec 7th, 2010 | By

Last night was the voting and the presentation of the political cartoon of the year award. Try as I might, I can’t think of an angle which relates political cartooning to tourism. Despite the gaffe yesterday by James Naughtie on Radio 4’s Today programme and his spoonerism over the Culture Secretary’s name, Jeremy Hunt, (who is responsible for tourism) that was as close as I could get.
But then I thought some more. Cartoonists are there to ridicule the quirks and idiocies of life. We just don’t have many cartoonists who concentrate on tourism and travel. We have enough absurdities such as ATOL bonding that discriminates between one traveller and the next. We have a liquids ban on more than 100ml in a bottle but you can carry umpteen pens in your pocket that might have more than that amount of liquid in them. Knives are banned yet I could collect one from a restaurant once I had passed through security.

The British Airways Strike

Mar 16th, 2010 | By

UPDATE: 18th March. BA has announced that there will be extra flights as more volunteers have come forward than they expected so do check on the link below to see if things have altered since the original flightplan was drawn up.

BA has announced the standby measures it has put in place to get passengers away during the 3 day strike planned from March20th-22nd. You can see the details and how you might be affected at
Only about 850 flights out of the 1,950 scheduled to fly will be cancelled. From Gatwick all long haul and about half of the short haul flights will fly. From Heathrow about 60% of long haul will fly but only about 30% of short haul. All affected passengers will be contacted by BA.