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London’s Not Forgotten

Dec 23rd, 2010 | By

You might remember that CD-Traveller (23rd November 2011) mentioned that Visit London looked as though it would lose all its funding because nobody seemed to remember it when they created budgets to come into operation after the demise of its paymaster, the London Development Agency (LDA). As Denis facetiously commented at the time on our website, “makes you proud to be a Londoner.” A month on and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has ridden to the rescue finding £14 million pounds per annum for the next four years. Except it’s not quite that clear.
The funding is for a new, yet to be named, body that will merge three existing organisiations, Visit London, Think London (apparently this attracts inward investment) and Study London. (attracts students to London universities and colleges)

Come to London Says Boris

Mar 24th, 2009 | By

Over the winter, Visit London spent about £600,000 on attracting tourists to London. According to them that generated £6.7 million for the London economy.Probably based on that Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has “found” a further £2 million to promote London over this summer. The expectation is that this will generate a further £60 million for London before the end of the year.(how come in summer the return is supposedly three times as much as in winter?) The funding seems to be coming from the
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