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Saturday snippets: June 23rd 2018

Jun 23rd, 2018 | By

Hot-rods racing on Pendine Sands, Alexa in hotel rooms and the sale of Hastings Pier are some of the things that caught Adrian’s eye this week.

Saturday snippets: 4th November 2017

Nov 4th, 2017 | By

A seal appeared on an Alaskan runway and the runway at Mykonos will be closed for repairs soon. As well as those stories Adrian ponders about who should receive fines when our personal data is hacked and congratulates Hastings Pier on winning the Stirling prize.

Saturday snippets: 26th March 2016

Mar 26th, 2016 | By

It’s Easter, the weather is changeable and many are out-and about. For those who have decent weather, look in the events’ column for ideas. For those who haven’t here are some thoughts from this week’s tourism coverage..

Saturday snippets: 20th February 2016

Feb 20th, 2016 | By

Running a hotel, where most tourism jobs are in the UK and moving elephants around Malawi occupy some of Adrian’s thoughts this week.

Happy birthday Hastings Pier

Nov 21st, 2012 | By

No, its not the anniversary of the pier in Hastings. either its building or its dreadful fire two years ago. Earlier this week the Heritage Lottery Fund celebrated its 18th birthday

The Fall and Rise of the Pier

Sep 9th, 2011 | By

You might remember that as many of our piers as possible were encouraged to hold parties last March, to celebrate British Tourism Week. Coming on top of the disastrous fire on Hastings Pier, it helped to remind us of the role piers have played in our seaside past

Saving Hastings Pier

Feb 24th, 2011 | By

You will remember that Hastings Pier was devastated by a fire a last October. Piers are regarded with some nostalgia as things from Victorian times and our childhood. They don’t quite have the same number of followers as steam trains, but followers there are. So from the ashes, so to speak, an appeal is about to be launched to raise money to renovate the pier and bring it back into use. The sum required is relatively quite small at £800,000 and with the backers it has attracted, this should be attainable.

Have a Party on a Pier

Oct 21st, 2010 | By

Why is the most obvious question?
Because those behind the British Tourism Week were trying to come up with something to top this year’s launch event. You might remember that we had illuminated beacons stretching all along Hadrian’s Wall last March. This made TV and newspapers across the world.
What to beat it in 2011?
They have come up with a party on a pier. What could be more quintessentially and eccentrically British than the seaside pier. And who could be more… But enough of that. Giles Brandreth, one of the patrons of the National Piers Society, opened the launch