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Hotel Reading Courtesy of Eurostars Hotels

Dec 2nd, 2009 | By

Last year, (CD-Traveller 10 Nov 2009), I wrote about The Eurostars Hotels Travel Narrative Award. You might remember that this award means that the winning title gets distributed to every single hotel room that Eurostars Hotels have. The Barcelona based group has 53 hotels. (but not one in the UK/Ireland yet.) This means that in over 4200 rooms the winning book is there to be read by any guest.

This year the winner is Paco Nadal

Books, Hotel Rooms & A Great Idea

Nov 10th, 2008 | By

Books fulfil a real need to the traveller and holidaymaker. Easy to carry, they occupy some of the boring bits of the journey and, when you get to your destination be it a hotel room, a campsite or your own home, they join the pile for re-reading or passing to a charity shop.Some hotels, in days gone by, had reading or writing rooms where you could borrow books and settle down in a comfy armchair. Now, in most hotel rooms you get a Gideon Bible
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