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Is Britain open for business?

May 17th, 2012 | By

Earlier this week the UK’s Immigration Minister, Damian Green, appeared before the British parliament’s Home Affairs Committee to answer questions about queues at passport control in Heathrow Airport

Being imaginative to reduce border entry queues

May 2nd, 2012 | By

As I said yesterday, in all the discussions about the delays in border entry queues at airports very little has been suggested as a way of resolving the problem. The announcement yesterday of eighty more staff is not a solution merely a sticking plaster. As passenger numbers grow, an alternative method of screening and checking passengers is needed.

The claptrap of Damian Green

May 1st, 2012 | By

In the last couple of weeks or so, the spotlight has turned on the lengthening queues at passport control as you re-enter the UK. In particular it seems to have taken much longer at Heathrow and Gatwick. Indignation, whipped up in particular by The Daily Telegraph, has led to some MP’s saying that “something must be done.”