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Hotels and Credit Cards: A Reader’s Story

Dec 9th, 2009 | By

When you book a hotel in advance, you reserve it by passing details of a valid credit card. Sometimes to get a good deal the hotel or its booking agency debits your card there and then. In which case you would have thought that would be an end to the matter but no, or at least not in one case.
A person booked a stay at a Radisson hotel and the card was immediately debited. 2 weeks after this date she was forced to cancel the card in question as it was believed to be stolen. Upon checking her booking the day before arrival, she called to talk to the hotel to inform them that she no longer had the card, and to ask how to proceed. After nearly an hour of being passed too and fro, she was informed that providing she had ID, she would be fine, as the room was already paid for.