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Concorde on the Thames

Oct 14th, 2010 | By

There is an idea to place the Concorde aircraft, sitting round at Heathrow doing nothing, on a floating plinth on the Thames in London somewhere near the London Eye. The plinth will have two levels with the first floor being given over to a river landing stage and presumably either a museum of some sort or other exhibits and Concorde sitting on the top floor. Obviously the thought behind this is that it will become a tourist attraction.
But will it?

British Airways and Concorde

Apr 9th, 2009 | By

What a difference a couple of days make.Earlier this week I was congratulating BA on the calm, understated pleasant flight I had.Yesterday The Times reported that BA was considering selling the Concorde it has at Heathrow to a group of investors in Dubai where it will be grouped with the QE2 and marketed as a joint tourist attraction..BA seems to have a blind sport about Concorde. This was a plane that was one of the handsomest planes ever designed; this was a plane that, thirty
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