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The “open-air city”

Apr 24th, 2021 | By

Chester has decided to style itself as an “open-air city” now that people can move around a little more freely.

A Day at…Jodrell Bank

Apr 8th, 2011 | By

For as long as I can remember, Jodrell Bank played a large part in my life. It was where my parents would take my brother and I at the weekend, where we went on school trips, and, in the past couple of years, proved to be a great place to simply go and think. There is something awe-inspiring about such an enormous telescope situated in the middle of the Cheshire

21st June: The Summer Solstice

Jun 21st, 2010 | By

Once again, I am going to relate what I am learning in my Geology studies to today: the Summer Solstice.
As you might remember from your science classes at school, our planet takes just over 365 days to orbit the Sun, a process upon which our calendar year is based. The Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees: different parts of the Earth receive varying amounts of sunlight during the year, giving us our four seasons. The Summer Solstice, on the 21st June, represents the longest day of the year.