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What do you do about a problem called Heathrow?

Mar 7th, 2010 | By

Does anybody like Heathrow? Not the people who live around it. Not many of the people who fly from it. But after half a century it is still there. Surrounded by houses and sprawling industrial estates wrapped, around by motorways and dual carriageways, Heathrow seems always to be straining to get out if its little straightjacket of land.
I confess I don’t like it. As a regular user, it can be still confusing to me. You take endless walkways to get anywhere whether it to be to get out or to get to your plane’s gate. It seems overcrowded in the older terminals and in the sky. I won’t even begin to contemplate how long I have spent being stacked in the air because there are trying to cram so many landings and take-offs into what seems a pint pot when they need a quart or even a gallon.