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Has Ryanair Run Out of Ideas?

Jul 27th, 2011 | By

A couple of days ago, Ryanair announced their profit for the first three months of the year. The bit of their announcement that I thought was interesting was the fact that they thought that their fares would rise by 12%. Am I being perverse in sensing that this may be good news?

Airline Add-Ons

Jun 2nd, 2011 | By

Sometimes you might be forgiven for thinking that the basic price of an airline ticket is peanuts. The add-ons are those little bits here and there that suddenly glare out at you on the final page and cause you to take a deep breath and say, “but the fare was only a tenner!” when I started. Now one of the biggest airline ticketing systems providers, Amadeus, has completed some research which shows that last year these add-ons were worth €15.11 billion.

Airlines and Misleading Advertising

May 19th, 2009 | By

A couple of years ago there was a justified outcry about the way certain airlines advertised their products. Free seats turned out not to be free because taxes and surcharges were added. The EU stepped in with legislation and it became more transparent but it took a while for it to happen.Now the EU has completed a review of how it has changed and how transparent airline pricing is. 115 websites out of the 137 that the EU looked at have changed. 52 airlines have
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