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Conning air passengers

May 15th, 2013 | By

The kings of extracting money in additional charges have to be the airlines. EU rules have altered some of the ways such as banning add-on prices behind very low fares but more needs to be done. Some add-ons can be avoided and others can’t

Breaking the Mould

Jun 2nd, 2011 | By

Following on from the story about the amount of money that airlines make from add-ons, known as ancillary revenue, it makes a pleasant change to write that one airline, Monarch, has taken a different path from others and decided to cut the cost of using a debit card to pay for flights to nothing. Yes that’s right; there will be no charges added to your bill if you use a debit card to pay for any airline tickets if you book on Monarch.

Why isn’t David O’Leary Crowing?

May 25th, 2011 | By

Despite the volcanic ash problems, the winter weather that caused closure at some airports and the economic downturn, Ryanair still managed to increase profits by 26% to £348 million.