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We have deliberately avoided using the term ‘advertising partner’ because that is not what we really want from our partners.

Of course, we offer the standard banners, sponsored links and email newsletter opportunities – but what we are always after is great features from our partners that will improve what we offer to our users.

What is the key benefit from submitting features to Just about Travel? Our platform utilises a unique tool that automatically optimises content to generate search engine rankings – the most cost-effective online marketing technique.

So in short, the more content you provide, the better the search engine rankings and the more people will see your feature – and then onto your website. Easy!

Combine this with the banners, sponsored links and email newsletter packages we offer and Just about Travel provides a unique way of getting your message to an engaged audience.

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Submit Features to Just about Travel

Just about Travel is about providing useful and interesting features on the wonderful world of travel. So anything you have experienced that you feel is worthwhile sharing – we want to hear about it.

There are no set guidelines for our features but as a rough steer, try to keep the total length under 1,200 words (if it is much more then maybe it can become a two-part or even a series of features) and if you have photos to go with the copy then all the better.

Of course we have to reserve editorial discretion to ensure no inappropriate (or boring!) content is run on the site – but we will always explain to you why we have decided not to run a feature.

If you are up for it then all you have to do is click on the email address below and attach the feature and the photos. We look forward to reading about your adventures!

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