Fuel prices deter Christmas travel?

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The RAC has highlighted the fact that, once again, petrol prices , are not reflecting the oil price on the markets.

Since a highpoint of over $80 a barrel, the price in the last two weeks has dropped by about 12.5-15% yet petrol pump prices haven’t declined at all.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for us to get on the roads.

Visiting relatives and friends over the Christmas holidays takes million of us out. Trips to pantomimes, (only about eighty this year as things try to return to normal) theatres, shops, light installations and country spots occupy us on the times between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Although many might not consider it, this is tourism; placid tourism some might call it. Even road works are often suspended for the period as they take their own holiday.

But will petrol prices drop so that we can get around more cheaply?

There are complaints that petrol prices rise faster than they do coming down. But what also happens is that the gap between petrol and diesel widens. Two months ago, the difference in price was just 2p per litre at my local garage. Now it is 6p. Why? I am unaware that there is much of a price differential in production costs. This looks like retailers taking advantage of the situation and that is what really annoys travellers.

A fair price is one thing. Taking advantage of a situation is another so I have stopped using my local and use one where the diesel is 2p cheaper.

Unfortunately we can’t all respond is the same way.

What is means is that there may be less travel, less tourism and less spent as potential travellers cut back.

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