Off to Ireland this Christmas?

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With strong family ties and being one of our closest neighbours, Ireland has always been an attractive destination for Britons.

Many families will look to meet up either in Ireland or the UK over Christmas after another miserable year.

In normal times, about three million of us either fly or take the ferry across to Ireland and the Christmas period is a peak time.

But from tomorrow, December 3rd and whether you have been vaccinated or not, you will need to take one of the COVID tests and get a negative result.

Luckily for many, you don’t need to have the more expensive PCR test, an antigen test will do provided it is taken within 48 hours of arrival in Ireland.

But now medical experts in Ireland are questionning whether 48 hours is too long a period before arriving. Some would like a 24 hour time frame putting passengers under even more pressure and some would like a sequence of tests before, during and after the visit.

For travellers, the quwestion is whether any of these ideas might be adopted by the Irish government. If they were then that could well deter people from travelling between the two countries.

The problem is, as we all know, that the medical boffins don’t yet know what the effect of omicron is and thus, nor do the politicians.

But politicians are terrified if they are not being seen to be doing something. The questions is what should be they be doing? They have tended to over-react rather than under-react because they can’t take the risk that omicron might be more dangerous than other variants.

Until we know more and it looks as though we are ten to twenty days away at the earliest, we don’t know what travcel restrictions there might be between Ireland and the UK.

All that is being fostered at the moment is confusion and a sappof confidence of potential travellers.

My Christmas plans are on hold until more solid news is released. And if that means a last minute decision about going to Ireland or not is to be made, so be it.

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