The red list goes in all but name

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Yesterday evening Grant Shapps announced that the remaining seven countries on the red list would be removed as from 4am on November 1st.

the view to Cotopaxi from Quito in Ecuador which we can now visit again without having to quarantine on our return.

The countries concerned are Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

If no country is on the red list does a red list need to remain?

The answer from Shapps is that it does because if COVID-19 incidences in countries rise then additions could be made to the list.

Form now on though, the issue might not be whether we can more freely travel now that there are no red listed countries it is whether we will be able to travel given the growing incidence of cases in the UK.

Other countries may start imposing more conditions on British travellers particularly since we are out of the high season for holiday travel so those countries will face less economic impact if they were to restrict Britons travelling to their countries.

In the meantime, the travel industry is delighted that things are as back to normal as they can be except for testing requirements.

More symbolic than practical, this removal red list countries this move will be seen by the industry as a confidence restorer.

It gives them confidence that better days are returning after a nightmarish nineteen months and it feels that people can now book travel with a degree of confidence that the British government won’t turn around and introduce dozens of destinations to the red list again.

And since lateral flow tests have replaced PCR tests for returning travellers, it would be strange to see the lengthier and more expensive PCR tests being re-introduced.

Unusually, all of the devolved governments have announced that they will follow suit so none of that idiocy exists with one country haveing a different rules from others in the UK.

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