Airline names – imaginative?

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There have been some wonderfully named airlines over the years.

a design for the new Bonza airline in Australia

There are those that say what they are about such as BEA – British European Airlines; others that reveal their heritage such as Qantas – Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services – and others that suggest they are designed just for us like People Express.

Then there was Peach Airlines which was “cheap” spelt backwards and Ted which is made up of the last three letters of United, the American airline. IAG, the owners of BA created a low-cost airline called Level (can’t understand that one at all) whilst BA also launched another low cost airline called Go which lasted a shortish time before it went, being bought first by management and then by easyJet.

There are the rather boring names like Air France, Alitalia, Air China and Air New Zealand as well as the distinctly odd like Breeze which sounds as though the windows are slightly open and Bonanza with the suggestion it was run by cowboys.

There are those named after their owners with Ransome Airlines surely being the most inappropriately named especially since it was around in the late 1960’s when highjackings seemed to be common.

But I think I have a new favourite.

In Australia a new airline is to be launched and its going to be called Bonza.

The well-known Australian slang word means “good,” “fine” or even “OK” or “all-right.” Sometimes it can even mean that you are delighted.

Like many Aussie words it was probably a bushman’s word and poets and writers in the last partv of the nineteenth century did a great deal in popularising words like this at a time when their works were widely read.

This new airline will start flying next year and I can just see some blogger already wanting to write that he/she had had a bonza time on Bonza!

On my next trip I think I had better fly Bonza just for the bragging rights when I get back to the UK!

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