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Last night the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, announced that as from October 24th, travellers can take a lateral flow test instead of a PCR one.

Grant Shapps says a lateral flow test will be sufficient for returning travellers

Shapps had hinted that he was working to alter the system from the more expensive PCR tests to lateral ones for returning travellers and holidaymakers to the UK and now this will happen.

The benefits to holidaymakers is both in cost and in time.

The lateral tests are anywhere around £25-£35 but shop around because some prices quoted to me have risen in between when I first enquired about prices a month ago and last night when I rang around again. And if you do need a lateral test make sure that the company you use is genuine.

The second benefit is in time. With a PCR test you had to wait for the results. With a lateral test, the results are usually within 15 minutes so you could get on your way faster.

Remember that you cannot use a NHS facility for this testing only private companies.

This change only applies to England at time of writing but the other nations will probably have to follow even though at least two – Scotland and Wales – have doubts as to the accuracy of lateral flow testing.

Earlier this week and probably quite by coincidence, a University College, London, study came out which suggested that lateral flow testing was more accurate than had previously been thought.

This may help to persuade the devolved governments to follow the lead of England.

Even with this change, welcome as it is to the travel industry and holidaymakers, it still means that a family of four will sttill have to pay at least £100 and possibly more for testing before returning to the UK.

Will that still put people off from holidaying over haldf term or will they say that they have had enough about supply chain issues and energy price news and just want a break away?
Time will tell!

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