Trusting technology

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In this wonderful world of technology that we all have got used to over the last thirty years, our reliance seems almost absolute.

As back-up, keep this with you and a letter from NHS Digital when you travel

We rely on apps to book flights and accommodation, to pay our bills and to make sure dinner is on the table.

But when it fails us only then do we realise that we are held as hostages to fortune.

The phrase “don’t put all your eggs into one basket” seems ever more apt after the NHS Covid Pass system went down this afternoon for a few hours.

A few hours doesn’t seem a long time in the scheme of things but it showed how people could miss flights because they couldn’t prove they had been vaccinated.

NHS Digital blamed technical issues; well it would, wouldn’t it!

It also trumpets a strong success rate on its website of blocking 21 million cyber threats per month and says that the site operates for 99.9% of the time.

All very laudable and who am I to say this isn’t completely accurate.

But when it goes down to it, we are left with problems and for that reason, each and every one of us needs to be prepared.

If you are travelling, if you are going to a sports or cultural event where there are sufficient people in attendance to confirm that you need to be able to show you have been vaccinated, tested or have recovered then have a back-up plan.

Keep you vaccination card with you (its not an acceptable document to most authorities but it might help) and make sure you ask the NHS for a letter showing you have been vaccinated/recovered/have a medical issue. Whilst the letter is an alternative to the app it should get you on the plane, train or pass border security.

I would even make a copy of it just as I do with my passport so that I have a spare in case of a problem.

Am I being too cautious in my suggestions? No, not after a glitch lasting about three hours caused so many problems today.

Coming on top of the failure of the electronic passport gates at Heathrow and other airports across the country which failed for a second time in a fortnight, I’m beginning to want more back-ups where technology is concerned!

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