Banning some domestic flights

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This is what the Campaign for Better Transport is calling for ahead of the budget in three weeks’ time.

new trains but still high fares

But since the CBT is a body dedicated to public transport you can see why some people would say that the organisation would say that wouldn’t they.

As Just about Travel has pointed out before, there are discrepancies between the cost of buying a rail ticket compared to a n airline ticket covering the same route. It can cost less to fly from London to Manchester when the train will take you from centre to centre in slightly less time (allowing time to get through both airports and into the city centres) so why do people fly other than for price reasons?

CBT wants a ban on certain routes and the equivalent train journey made cheaper, along with mandatory emissions labelling on airplane tickets.

The “certain routes” that it wants banned are Manchester and London, London and Edinburgh, and Birmingham and Glasgow along with a reduction of fares on the trains.

The lesiure and tourist passenger is likely to opt for the most convenient and cheapest form of transport so on certain routes such as London to Edinburgh – a popular tourist route – the plane is often cheaper even sometimes at peak times.

Until trains become cheaper on tourist routes in particular. the tourist will opt for the plane.

The London to Newquay route is another route where train journeys take more time and are more expensive for the tourist. Taking four hours by train and over nine if you went from Newcastle to Newquay, an hour long flight is the only alternative for the time conscious tourist.

So in calling for just links betweeen London and Manchester/Edinburgh as well as Birmingham to Glasgow/Edinburgh to be banned the CBT isn’t being unreasonable especially since rail is faster.

But why should it be more expensive?

I suspect even rail boffins don’t really know given that there are supposedly hundred of thiusands of fare possibilities.

And I haven’t even touched upon the carbon footprint caused by plane travel as opposed to trains.

Perhaps what we need is someone from a low cost airline running the trains and imposing their business ideas on the rail network.

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