The FCDO adds 51 countries for travel

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Yesterday, the FCDO gave another boost to overseas travel by dropping its objections to us visiting 51 countries.

St Kitts’ Scenic Sugar Railway

This had nothing to do with traffic light systems or red lists but to do with destinations in the world where, in the opinion of the FCDO, it was unsafe to go because of terrorism, diseaser, war or another reason.

Readers will know that if the FCDO avises against visiting a destination, in the majority of cases, your travel insurance policy is worth less than nothing as there are clauses declaring the policy invalid if the FCDO advises no travel. Consequently more areas are opened up for overseas travel than was opened up by reducing the red list.

Some of the destinations like the Bahamas, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago and Tunisia are popular destinations for British visitors. Others like the Western Sahara and the Sudan are less popular with travellers.

It means that much of Africa and South America – the two areas I mentioned earlier this week that were still largely closed to British visitors – are now open.

The question now facing holidaymakers is not necessarily which country they should opt to visit but whether that country allows them to visit and then, what regulations are in place.

Many insist on PCR tests, some say you must remain in your accommodation until the results of arrival testing are known. Some destinations still curfews which, if you enjoy nightlife, will curtail your movementsountries.

Take St Kitts and Nevis as an example.

Quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors is no only 24 hours instead of 4 days. You have to stay in the one of the government approved accommodation properties or, if the one in which you want to stay is not on the list then you need to submit the name of it for approval sufficiently in time before you arrive in case it is rejected and you have to find somewhere else to stay.

Only fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed entry apart from those under 18 travelling with parents or guardians. Single vaccinated people who haven’t had their second jab ( if the need one) cannot enter the country nor can those who haven’t been vaccinated at all.

You will be tested within 24 hours of arrival and only if you record a negative test will you be free to move about the islands. This will cost you $US150 per person.

Prior to arrival you must complete a Travel Authorization Form uploading you vaccination details and then the PCR test you must take within 72 hours of travel.

You will then get an authorisation to travel. Without that document you can forget holidaying in on eof the prettiest places anyehere in the world.

I could have picked other destinations any highlighted their rules.

What it means is that readers wishing to travel overseas must carefully ckeck what rules are in place and to be prepared for changes.

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