Time for a change in the law

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In a brief release, the UK competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said that it would not be pursuing British Airways and Ryanair for issuing vouchers instead of refunds because it believed that the law was not precise enough.

Ryanair plane ascending
Ryanair was one airline being investigated by the CMA…

Its exact wording was “a lack of clarity in the law makes it insufficiently certain that it would be able to secure refunds.”

It goes on to say, “However, it (the law) does not clearly cover whether people should be refunded when their flight goes ahead but they are legally prohibited from taking it.”

The CMA also calls on the law to be clarified

Coming on the back of the agreement announced between sixteen airlines and the EU, (and the sixteen included BA and Ryanair,) this is unacceptable to passengers.

Unacceptable in that if the CMA is right in its interpretation the law needs any lack of clarity removed so that passengers can be better protected in the future.

tal fins of British Airways planes
…the other was British Airways

Just about Travel would like to if the CMA’s own lawyers were the only ones consulted or did the CAA’s lawyers look at it? Was the Departartment for Transport involved as well?

Assuming that more than one lawyer thinks that the existing law is unclear, the Department for Transport should draft a bill remedying the situation. In the interim, why can’t the CMA/Department for Transport reach a similar agreement to that announced by the EU earlier this week?

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