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From today some new travel rules come into force.

image of Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal. Image © Frederic de Poligny

For the traveller they will make life easier, for others they will add confusion and for those wishing to enter or come from India they will find themselves in the middle of a political tit-for-tat.

For a start people won’t need to self-isolate if they are fully vaccinated. Unless of course you have had the Covishield jab – the Indian Astra-Zenica version.

When the British government announced that people from India would still need to self-isolate, the Indian government promptly announced that it would require all visitors from the UK to enter a mandatory ten-day quarantine.

But Covishield has been recognised by the medics in the UK so things might change given that the Sunday Telegraph (unavailable to see unless you have a subscription) claimed in a story yesterday that the British government was going to reduce the number of countries on the don’t travel list from 54 to just nine. When that announcement is made it would seem logical to switch the rules on travelling to and from India at the same time.

Nonetheless, in the short term, it won’t give confidence to those who want to visit India either for tourism or to catch up with relatives.

If you live in Wales, you face another hassle. Whilst the Welsh government has agreed to the traffic light changes it hasn’t accepted the removal of requiring its residents to take a PCR test two days after arrival. Whilst people in England and Scotland, for example, can take lateral flow test which is not only more convenient and cheaper, Welsh residents have to take a PCR test. But since this rule won’t be introduced for a few weeks it could be that some uniformity in UK travel can still result with the Welsh government backing down.

If the Sunday Telegraph is right and a reduced number of countries is announced on Thursday, then principally Africa and South America may open up to travellers.

A few more countries have already announced rule relaxing from this week. Croatia says that British travellers who’ve had both jabs will no longer need a PCR testprovided that the second dose was issued at least 14 days and no more than 365 days earlier.

Turkey has also said that travellers from the UK who have been double jabbed won’t face restrictions either.

It seems we will have more confusion for a few days as the new policies bed down and travel agents understand the geographical differences.

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